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Screen Forge is a powerful tool designed for filmmakers shooting scenes with iPhones and iPads that will later be replaced in VFX using Chroma-Key and other screen replacement techniques. With a wide range of features, Screen Forge makes it easy to prepare your screen for seamless integration into your VFX workflow.


Key Features:

- Multiple Background Colors: Choose from a variety of background colors to suit any scene.

- Tracking Markers: Choose the right type of tracking marker for precise alignment in post-production.

- Custom Size and Opacity: Adjust the size and opacity of the tracking markers to optimize tracking while preserving reflections or making them easier to remove.

- Tips for Beginners: Access helpful tips and guidance to enhance your screen preparation.

- Brightness Adjustment Chart: Quickly adjust screen brightness to match the scene's exposure for optimal results.


Screen Forge is designed to be user-friendly, catering to both beginners and professionals. It provides the essential tools needed to prepare your screen for VFX, ensuring a seamless integration into your final production.



Screen Forge is not intended to produce VFX or final composites. It is a tool designed to help filmmakers prepare their screens for shooting. The app provides features to assist in achieving optimal results during the filming process, but the actual VFX production should be done using professional software and techniques.

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